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          Jiangmen Liye Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a
    privately-run enterprise which specializes in designing and
    manufacturing special equipments such as capacitance film cutting
    machine series. As early as 1992, Dongfang Automatic Equipment
    Co., Ltd, the company’s predecessor, together with Huazhong
    University of Science and Technologies, invented the earliest
    high-speed capacitance film cutting machine in China, H800 series
    which has been used in companies such as KBA, Menhow and Anlene for
    more than 10 years. The high-speed cutting machine LY650 series
    invented by the company in 2006 is featured in several unique
    functions such as: the rolling/cutting system is able to move
    laterally without stopping operation; multi-level cutting tool
    feeding and tension control system; full color multi-functional
    touch screen (human-machine interface); and automatic static/
    energized switch. Those functions greatly improved the operation
    efficiency and safety of the equipment. Therefore, they were soon
    recognized by the market and sold to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui,
    Liaoning and other places.In recent years, the company developed horizontal –feeding rolling metallized capacitance film cutting machine LY700/800/900 series, integrating various main elements of international cutting equipments and considering the real conditions of our country. At present, they are used in several enterprises such as Juhua, Shengye, Red Arrow, Anlene, Zhaoye and Hengge. They are of good effect, high quality and reasonable price.

        The company always keeps the concept of “constantly striving for perfection and reputation”; develops the enterprise by innovation and operates on the basis of honesty. It attracts more customers not only by excellent quality of the product by also by more reasonable price, good before/after sales services and high working efficiency. The company are looking forward to cooperate with various customers and develop together to provide more high-level and high-quality special equipments with various types for the society.

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